kapnisto piperi aridaias  A spice that is produced from red peppers, after their dried with the use of fire and smoke which is coming from clear beachwood. For the production of this product is exclusively being used by a variety of Aridea's pepper (Karatzovas) which is placed in the area since the Turkish Dynasty..

   According to rumors while they were grinding the dry pepper provoked them the same sneeze and the burning in the palate exactly as it happens with the black pepper. So, they gave the name of pepper that indicates the characteristics which were approximately the same as the black pepper even if it was a totally different plant. Also, they gave the name Karatzovas which indicates the origin of the product. On the other hand, the name of paprika be used when a red sweet pepper must be stated. This is good enough for the reason that is chosen to be used but it isn't made from the variety of Aridea's peppers tha they have their own special charateristics.

    We continue to grow and deserve this specific pepper variety since a lot of years. And this due to the fact that it provides us a really valuable product, fact that do us to be indifference to the low production of this, compared to the newer varieties of peppers which usually are products of human intervention – of course these products are usefull and appropriate but for the reason that they created for.

   This kind of pepper is being collected it has first reached the right stage of maturation and only when it has the best possible flavour and smell. It's being cleaned carefully from other materials that might be on. Afterwords, it's being taken to specially formed places in order to be dried and at the same time it's being smoked. After it has been dried it's taken to mill cutters where it takes its final form, after having concentrated the final smells and characteristics of taste and texture.

  The final result is a product that contains no preservatives or any kind of added flavor. It's just an intense compacted flavor of smoked red pepper in the form of powder ready to be used in order to highlight or fulfill the smells in your cooking wonders.

   The available packing are in glass jars of 100gr. Bigger packages ( wholesale) are possible to be carried out after communication.

  Thank you for your preference, your producer, Bolkis Theodoros. Aridea Pellas