Mung beans with spinach and fennel

For 4 people
WAITING: 3 hours
COST: €2 per portion
RECIPE: michalis dunetas
FOOD STYLING: Makis Georgiadis

400 ml olive oil
1 medium onion, chopped
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
1 fresh red hot chilly pepper, chopped
1 big and matyre tomato, cutted in cubes or 5-6 cherry tomatos cutted to 4 piecies
1 carrot, cutted in small cubes
salt and pepper
½ teaspoon of sweet paprika
1 fennel root, in thin slices
400 gr spinach
1 bunch of fennel, chopped

How to do:

We locate the mung beans in a big bowl full of water and we leave them to soak for 2-3 hours. Then we wring them. We heat the oil in a deep pot and we shot the onion, the garlic and the chilly for 2-3 minutes in medium temprature. Afterwords, we add the mung beans, the tomatos, the carrot and as water as it needs for the ingredients to be full in. boiling the pot with its cap closed for approximately 30 minutes. Thirtyfive minutes later, we put in the pot he salt, the pepper.the paprika, the fennel root and the spinach and we mix them well with a wooden big spoon. Boiling them for 5 more minutes with the cap closed. Then, we take the food out of the heat, put in the fennel, the rest of the olive oil, stiring them and serve them.

Mung beans: Little green dried beans. You can find them in stores with pulses. You can also eat them as a salad with different vegetablew or even as a soup.

Wine harmony: A white dry wine with the smell expression of Sauvignan Blanc and the great flavor of Asirtiko, like the thema, from Pavlidis' estate. A.N.A.