Potatoes cubes in the oven (the easy ones)

For 6 people
COST: € 0.70 per portion
Recipe: Twominutes Angie

 Ingredients: 6 large potatoes cut in small cubes (2x2 cm) 3/4 of a mug of olive oil 1 tablespoon coarse salt pepper 1 tablespoon smoked pepper orangejuice of half an orange 2 tablespoons of honey How to do: We reheat the oven in 200°C (in the air). In a large bowl we mix all the ingredients apart from the potatoes with a whisk. We add the potatoes, mix well and transfer the mixture in a griddle. Baking about 30 minutes. We serv the food immediately. Tips: After 15 minutes we min the potatoes in the oven in order to be baked subtopia. For more intensely smell you can put in the gridde the half orange you squeezed before.