kapnisto piperi aridaias  Our choice to interfere specifically with the farming of this specific variety of Aridea's pepper, is not just an avocation for bread winning reasons. It's the love for the greek nature and will to bring back a traditional product the way it had really been in its original form many years before. Aridea's pepper is a unique product with quiet and vivid flavor and very notable smells. This is due to the increased centralization of perfumed oils and its seed, when it's about an authentic variety. It's a lightly hot pepper, just as the pepper that comes out of it. And that's the reason for the name itself that's being used in the wide area of Almopia – Karatzovas. It has been adjusted appropriately to the climate of the area and that allows us the natural / normal cultivation of the pepper without redjected the modern ways of farming ( active microorganisms zeolite etc ) up to a point that the final product is not affected. On the contrary, we wish to work for the best possible result using all the necessary means, whether they are modern or traditional. The installation of the particular pepper is rumored to have started the period of the Turkish dynasty in Macedonia, where the pepper was gradually embodied to the local diet, as inseperable part of the north -greek cuisine, whether it was about a row consuming of it or in the form of pepper or chilli ( flakes of pepper ). The method of drying and the use of smoke was used for the pepper that were left, which couldn't be consumed immediately. The use of smoke was chosen because it provides a long term life of the product. This farming is a really fatiguing work when it is done in the traditional way because it requires a lot of personal effort and plenty of time. The process of farming begins from the previous year and only the suitable seed is selected for the following year. After that, sowing follows in the greenhouses after proportionate work on the condition that the weather allows it, which is usually done at the beginning of March. After approximately two months, the young plants are tranfered to their final destination. The relocation to the outdoor farming is taking place after the necessary machining of the soil has finished. By that we mean scraping with the aggregation organic substtratums. Usually the relocation of the plants is taking place during June and after that there is the daily care, weeding, regular carrings, etc. In the middle of August we have the first red peppers, then the harvest starts with the hand and afterwords the process of drying comes up.